Glamorous Garage Rock

The BlueBonnets deliver a set of glamorous blues rock complimented with layered girl group harmonies. There’s a rough, garage band energy to the songs, held together by solid grooves, tight arrangements, guitar interplay and melodies you might find yourself remembering long after the show.

The band formed in 2007, as a restructuring of a former line-up that began in LA in the early 90’s. When Kathy returned to her home town of Austin, Texas, she thought the city was a great place to revive the band that her and bassist/vocalist Dominique had started at the beginning of their long musical partnership.

It wasn’t long before Dominique made Austin her home. The pair immediately recruited Eve Monsees, a sensational guitarist and singer who added a whole new dimension to the BlueBonnet sound. Drummer Kristy McInnis completes the line up, flying in from her Los Angeles home for rehearsals, gigs and recording sessions.

The BlueBonnets put a feminine slant on blues based rock n’ roll, yet they can’t fall neatly into any musical category: traces of pop, roots, country, and punk are all interwoven into their music. Besides regular gigs in Austin, the band frequently plays in Houston and Los Angeles. In order to reach fans in places not so easy to get to, they have built a steady following for on-line live streamed shows on Stageit, a web based site that gives performers a platform and interface to reach people through their computers, in real time.
In November, 2014, the band’s second self released CD was released, Titled “Play Loud,” the record features 10 songs, most of them recorded “old school,” live, playing together, capturing the energy that’s conjured up when these gals rock out together. This record has been a long time coming, following the 2010 release “Boom Boom Boom Boom.”

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