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The Bluebonnets are an Austin, Texas based rock and roll band. With a feminine wink and swagger, the band wins over audiences every time they take the stage. Lead Singer and Bassist Dominique Davalos snarls, wails and croons through any influence that traces across the songs, all while holding down a steady musical bass. Guitarists/Vocalists Eve Monsees and Kathy Valentine are a double threat, with interplay, solos and hooks that propel the music into heights that are often unrehearsed and unexpected. To say The Bluebonnets play blues-based rock wouldn’t be wrong—but the categorization might not capture the punk, pop, funk, soul, garage and roots elements that might thread their way into their music. Song crafted hooks, harmonies, and catchy melodies gives the band an excellent edge and a long term shot at sticking around.

Formed in 2007, long time musical partners Kathy and Dominique found themselves both living in Austin after having a couple of bands in Los Angeles, (The Delphines, and an original version of Bluebonnets.) Dominique has an illustrious career of songwriting, session playing, touring, singing, TV show talk show band, and acting she brings to her center position in the band. Valentine has played in around a dozen bands, hitting it lucky and big in The Go-Go’s, who she also co-wrote three hit songs for. In Austin, the duo recruited Eve Monsees, a sensational guitarist and singer whom the acclaimed Gary Clark Jr. credits with inspiring him. Eve might be the busiest guitarist in Austin, holding down 2 residencies at the iconic Antone’s Blues Club, fronting her own band, and playing guitar in a couple of others too.

The Bluebonnets have self-released their third CD “Tonewrecker” in April 2017. This follows “Play Loud” in 2015 and “Boom Boom Boom Boom” in 2011. “Tonewrecker” was recorded in Austin with producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith (Fastball, Jet, The Toadies, Young Heart Attack.) Working with Frenchie ended up being an endless party of love, rock and mutual admiration. “We didn’t want it to end,” says the band. The talents of several drummers who have kept the band working and playing throughout their career are featured on the CD. Core members Eve, Dominique, and Kathy started with Los Angeles based drummer Kristy McInnis, but geographical issues meant they often needed an Austin based drummer. Along with Kristy, Christina Comley has been a solid contributor to the band: both have appeared in videos, recordings, and shows both in and out of Austin. Legendary drummer Clem Burke of Blondie, and Lisa Pankratz also play on “Tonewrecker.”

Press: Austin360 Texas Music Magazine, Austin Chronicle, Austin 360, Houston Press


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