Dominique Davalos

Dominique Davalos has been a professional bass player for many years and has compiled an impressive list of touring and recording credits. Growing up in NYC and Los Angeles, it was almost predestined that her life would be in the performing arts with the theatrical background of her parents – mother Ellen van der Hoeven, a Martha Graham dance prodigy, and father Richard Davalos, an actor best known for his role opposite James Dean in “East of Eden.”

Dominique was spotted by renowned manager Malcolm McLaren as a teenager who gave her a shot and she earned her first recording experience, continuing on to have an underground radio hit as the singer of Dominatrix with “The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight.” Before devoting her musical talents to bass guitar and singing, Dominique could be seen as a bass player in the movie “Howard the Duck” -and she continues to this day with acting jobs in film, tv and commercials, most recently appearing in cult horror classic “Stump The Band.” She won a coveted job over hundreds of applicants as bassist in the all girl house band for the Keenan Ivory Wayans Show where she got to back up many major guest artists.

Dominique was an original BlueBonnet with Kathy Valentine, and the women have played together, intermittently since that time, with Dominique handling most of the lead vocals. She has written extensively for a wide variety of artists, bands and film scores and her song catalog reflects the amount of time and effort she spends at her songwriting craft.