Kathy Valentine

Kathy was born and raised in Austin where she got her inspiration and passion to be a musician. There, she bought her first instruments and amps, played in teenage bands and followed her fave acts on the club circuit, going from club to club to see the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, and Doug Sahm.

A visit to her mother’s native London gave her a short stint in Girlschool and turned her onto English punk bands-so upon her return to Austin, she helped launch the infamous Raul’s scene with her band the Violators. Turning 20, she moved out to Los Angeles in the hopes of making a career out of the music she had been pouring her energy into for years.

In LA, her band the Textones brought Kathy to the attention of the Go-Go’s, and when they needed a bass player, she was the one they asked. Within 6 months of joining the Go-Go’s, a record deal was signed and musical history was made when that band became the first all female group to top the charts. The Go-Go’s disbanded after realizing the dreams any young
band would dream of but came back together after 5 years apart, and have continued to tour occasionally and enjoy their legacy ever since.

Kathy returned to her passion for guitar in the 90’s when she met her musical soul mate, Dominique Davalos. Together, the two women formed a musical partnership that yielded bands (the BlueBonnets and the Delphines) and dozens of remarkably good songs, and has endured now for over 15 years.

Kathy also released a solo record, “Light Years” in 2005 which she co-produced, wrote, sang, and played guitar on in its entirety, and distributed on her own All For One label. She returned to Austin in 2006 where she lives with her young daughter. Her passion is still music and she spends time daily in her home recording studio, the BassMint, where she recently produced Austin band Adrian and the Sickness.