Kristy McInnis

Kristy McInnis grew up in rural Missouri, and inherited a passion for drumming from her Big Band jazz drumming father, Richard. As a young kid, she has wonderful memories of him setting up his kit so she could bang around, when she barely knew what she was doing. But she knew she loved it. She would eventually gravitate toward rock music and joined several bands during her college tenure at Missouri State University.

Her first official band, The Smarties, was a pop sensation in Springfield, MO and released a record, “Play It.” She also fronted her own group, singing and writing songs in Swetty Betty. Kristy loved playing set after set in the sweaty clubs of Missouri, but longed for a change of scenery. She moved to Los Angeles, CA and began playing with Kathy Valentine and Dominique Davalos in The Delphines. She remembers the audition, saying, “We were jamming on some song and Kathy and Dominique are smiling, maybe laughing and I thought, oh crap – what am I doing wrong? But it turned out they loved it as much as I did and I got the job.”

She played with them for nearly 2 years until they disbanded. She then went on to join all girl pop/punk band, The Randies, playing on their debut album, “At the Friendship Motor Inn.” She drummed for other artists around Los Angeles, until her old pals Kathy and Dominique called after forming a new Bluebonnets line-up in Austin, TX. At first, it was just one gig, then before she knew it, she was flying out to play shows several times a year with the group. Kristy says of the experience, “The chemistry was still there and it’s been magical. I love playing with such talented musicians!